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Tires are just the beginning

The Objective

Searching for a way to automate case management and capture eligible program customers along with the customer’s exact geographic location to be able to identify registered service providers to provide roadside assistance in a timely manner, the client looked to and Alternative Solutions to provide a solution.

The Deliverables

  • Implemented an Agent Console to allow the customer support agent the ability to manage multiple intake channels (email, phone, text).
  • Use of knowledge articles to equip the agent with a method to quickly solve common issues.
  • Use of mapping tool to geo locate customers in order to quickly find and deploy assistance in a timely manner.
  • Created an algorithm to rank and score vendors that provide service to clients in a pre-defined manner.

The Benefits

  • Significant improvements on client’s internal support processes, thus ensuring new business and extended contracts with current customers.
  • Significant improvement of customer service agent response time.