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Connecting with customers through multi-channel communications

The Objective

This customer is a major retailer with 130 locations nationwide and offers specialized products, accessories, and professional service to recreational vehicle owners. The customer engaged Alternative Solutions to design and build a solution that allows over 4,000 sales staff members to communicate with their customers through calls, text messages, and emails directly from the Salesforce platform. They also needed to track and log these customer interactions to build internal metrics, improve performance, and give Management data to make informed decisions.

The Deliverables

Alternative Solutions chose Twilio to extend the native functionality of the Salesforce Platform. The consulting team built a custom solution that integrated the 2 applications and allowed this retailer to accomplish their objective for communicating with customers.
  • Prioritized tasks and created a custom Utility component allowing the sales staff to place calls, send / receive text messages, and send emails from one screen in Salesforce.
  • Created a phone number management system to give each user a unique and concealed local phone number to contact customers. The local phone numbers are recyclable and usable for new hires to control costs.
  • Call, text, email logs, optional recordings, and opt-in/out processes were created to track interactions, increase customer touches, and improve their sales process.

The Benefits

Using Twilio allows this retailer to reach their customers across multiple communication channels, the way the customers prefer to communicate. The solution with Salesforce increased communication, improved interactions, and recorded results of all interactions.