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Category: Salesforce

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Is Your Organization Ready to Retire Workflow Rules and Process Builder?

Is Your Organization Ready to Retire Workflow Rules and Process Builder? Salesforce Automation Tools Currently, on the Salesforce Platform there are three tools you can use to create automation. Those
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Process Builder vs Workflow – Salesforce Insights

Creating automation to save time and steps for users is extremely valuable. Not only does it buy back time, but it also allows for a uniform process. Historically, Salesforce’s Workflow
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Building a Plan for your Data Warehousing

Integrating data can be a daunting task in the complex environments of today’s business world.  Different business units have commonly been siloed historically, leading disconnected sources of data.  As we
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Why Should I Add Tableau?

In June of 2019, when purchased Tableau, it was largely overshadowed by political and international news.  But, at 15.7 Billion USD, the purchase was anything but insignificant.   It was
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Different Types of Reports in Salesforce

There are four different types of reports you can create in Salesforce. Each type of report is best suited for showing different types of data in different formats. When deciding
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Save Time By Creating an Email Template in Salesforce

Salesforce is set up to automate your sales process. One easy and quick way to do that is to set up email templates to use in your sales workflows. With
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The Hype Behind Community Cloud – Salesforce

Since launching Community Cloud in 2013 Salesforce has continued to grow the functionality and extensibility. But what is a Salesforce Community? Communities isn’t a social media application, it’s a customer/employee/vendor/client communication application.  It
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Salesforce Lightning vs. Classic

Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic? Both are very capable versions of Salesforce and both have their advantages. Currently salesforce is in the process of migrating all of their customers to
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Salesforce Events for 2020

Since 1998, Salesforce has not only created a world-class CRM, but they’ve built a huge community of salesforce professionals. These professionals range from developers of the platform, business analysts, technical
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Salesforce CPQ Enhances Precision in Closing Deals

Every organization with a sales team understands the need to close deals quickly and accurately. However, providing precise pricing often gets lost in complicated manual processes or cumbersome approvals. This
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