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HubSpot And Salesforce Integration

HubSpot and Salesforce integration allows your business to pass data between the two platforms. This helps your marketing and sales team maintain consistency between both departments.

HubSpot + Salesforce

1. Measure


The integration allows your business to measure the revenue impact of your marketing campaigns as well as individuals.

2. Sync Sales

And Marketing

Integrating HubSpot to Salesforce means that your sales team and your marketing team are in sync and up to date at all times.

3. Marketing Impact

On Sales

Your marketing team is able to control and input more into the sales process after the HubSpot and Salesforce integration. Making this process more effective will help marketing convert more qualified leads and assist sales with closing more deals. The end result being an increase in revenue for your business.

Integration Steps

Step 1: Map Out Integration

Make sure you and your team have access to the required tools and platforms and that they are ready to sync HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Step 2: Set Up and Launch

Set up backend access between the two systems to bridge the gap.

Step 3: Ongoing Optimization

Manage workflows and automations, stay up to date with the latest platform features to get the most out of your integration.