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CRM OPTIMIZATION & Risk Assessment

For clients that have previously implemented CRM and are concerned about user adoption, lifecycle planning, and system governance, Alternative Solutions will perform a full analysis of the client’s current enterprise platform and determine best practices and optimization using CRM’s Product Catalog.

Empower Teams With CRM

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Alternative Solutions, is helping companies find more effective ways to offer customized solutions early in the customer’s buying process, with CRM optimization and CRM risk assessment services. With our deep experience in implementing complex selling systems, we have successfully evolved a comprehensive methodology for achieving the financial results of cloud based sales enablement. Our business specialists will carry out a thorough analysis of your company and map your current business processes and technology landscape against proven Best Practices in Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ). With CRM optimization and risk assessment services, we help our clients better serve their customers by becoming easier to do business with.

  • Modeling your products in terms of their sales definitions, engineering definitions, and manufacturing / provisioning definitions, and tying all these disparate views together.
  • Capturing and formalizing the best expertise from your people regarding your products / services / pricing, such that it can be applied to future customer needs
  • Optimize routes, prioritize schedules, and win leads with Salesforce Maps.
  • Allowing your customers and inside salespersons to quickly respond to customer needs, without having to chase experts to determine what is possible, at what price, at what specification