Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing companies require a dependable method to identify customer demands, enhancing response time, increasing productivity, and achieving more accurate and consistent forecasts of operating and production costs. Leveraging the profound understanding of core manufacturing methodologies, our Salesforce consultants thoroughly examine a company’s business processes and translate them into robust solutions within Salesforce.

1. Sales Cloud®

Alternative Solutions offers Salesforce consultants with expertise in manufacturing to enhance customer attraction and service capabilities. The versatile Sales Cloud product spans diverse industries, facilitating customer base expansion, efficient deal closure, and accelerated productivity. Manufacturing companies gain from real-time sales pipeline visibility, workflow automation, and strategic upselling opportunities, ensuring enhanced customer service and increased profitability.

2. CRM Manufacturing

Salesforce enables seamless connectivity between your sales and operations teams, promoting transparency throughout the process. By providing team members with access to customer information tailored to their specific level of authorization, Salesforce ensures that everyone can effortlessly retrieve sales agreements, order information, manufacturing timelines, and more.

3. Service Cloud

After expanding your customer base, effective customer relationship management becomes crucial. Salesforce Service Cloud stands out as the perfect customer relationship management system for manufacturers. It empowers your customers to connect with specialists or find answers to their issues in a quick and trackable system. By monitoring your customer’s concerns and needs, you can provide more effective support for both them and their business.

4. CPQ

CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote Software, empowers companies to generate accurate pricing for any product configuration scenario, built to their specification in the price book. This significantly enhances your sales reps’ efficiency in sending quotes promptly and ensures visibility of the quote to operations teams. By optimizing your sales team’s quoting process, it reduces lag time and contributes to an overall increase in sales!

Healthcare CRM Solutions

Alternative Solutions specializes in seamlessly integrating and implementing Salesforce Health Cloud, a revolutionary platform designed to unify patient data, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration among healthcare teams. With our expertise, we empower healthcare providers to deliver personalized, connected, and efficient care experiences. Whether it’s leveraging the Health Cloud’s comprehensive patient profiles, enabling care coordination, or utilizing intelligent analytics for actionable insights, Alternative Solutions ensures a tailored implementation that transforms healthcare delivery.

1. Health Cloud®

Caregivers can utilize Salesforce Health Cloud to keep all patient data at their fingertips. Optimized for use on Lightning Experience, Health Cloud is a Healthcare CRM solution that provides a detailed user interface with insight into a patient’s timeline of care and collaborative activity tracking all while complying with HIPAA regulations.

2. Community Cloud®

The community portal is a Healthcare CRM solution that can be customized to fit the client’s branding. Collaboration within the community portal provides a quick and easy way for patients to find answers and log an issue directly to the healthcare provider.

3. Service Cloud®

Case Management provides an organized tracking system that allows the healthcare provider the ability to resolve issues quickly and provide better customer service. Using Case Management, patients can log issues with the healthcare provider’s customer care team.

Financial Services

Financial Services Cloud® allows financial institutions to take personalized service to a new level. Alternative Solutions understands that financial service companies must protect customers’ data while complying with a myriad of regulations. FSC provides agents clear visibility of relationships within households and the ability to track an individual’s personal financial goals without compromising data security or client privacy. Every financial service company is unique, because of this Alternative Solutions can assist with configuring an interface that meets each individual financial company’s needs.

1. Banking

Salesforce links every digital interaction of your bank or financial institution, gaining comprehensive insight into your most valuable asset: your customers. With Alt-Solut’s expertise, you’ll effectively address the evolving demands of the future by adopting nimble, automated, and highly effective solutions that transform the way you provide financial services.

2. Insurance

Alt-Solut specializes in tailored insurance solutions, providing flexible access for customers and agents from any location. Our expertise enables efficient sales by combining data across departments and integrating partners. With user-friendly interfaces and automation, working with or for your organization becomes seamless, fostering increased productivity and staff retention. Elevate your operations and become a vital partner for policyholders through innovative, streamlined solutions.

3. Wealth Management

Salesforce empowers wealth management by seamlessly integrating and optimizing every facet of your financial operations. Leveraging cutting-edge solutions from Alt-Solut, our consultants guide your journey with personalized strategies, innovative technologies, and data-driven insights. Navigate the complexities of investment management with confidence, delivering unparalleled value to your clients while enhancing operational efficiency.


The transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries are undergoing a disruptive era. Customers demand faster and safer goods movement, fueled by the rise of digitization, with a desire to track shipments in real-time. This technological shift has given rise to competitors meeting these expectations. At Alternative Solutions, we’ve discovered that constructing business processes in the CRM enhances client communication, improves digital infrastructure, and enables more effective load tracking.

1. Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is an ideal solution for companies in the logistics industry, providing a comprehensive platform for your sales team. It facilitates outreach, relationship building, sales process tracking, and client acquisition. The system allows seamless integration of legacy systems and data, providing real-time visibility into the sales pipeline. Our team at Alternative Solutions, along with our Salesforce consultants, is dedicated to assisting you in designing a robust customer relationship management system using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to acquire new clients.

2. Real Time Logistics

With Salesforce, leverage rich data for real-time shipment tracking, transforming operational efficiency, optimizing goods flow, and minimizing delays. Provide customers with live tracking dashboards and automated order status notifications. Salesforce allows the creation of custom internal and external dashboards, enabling your team to track and measure custom KPIs for valuable insights and seamless management of deliveries and subscriptions.

3. Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud enhances customer experience by empowering your team to diagnose and manage issues before they disrupt transportation processes. Alt-Solut facilitates efficient delivery handling by leveraging out-of-the-box functionality wherever possible and customizing only when necessary, ensuring optimal performance while you build customer trust. Our Salesforce Service Cloud experts set it up and hand it off to you, enabling you to seamlessly manage relationships, acquire new long-term customers, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Retail And Consumer Goods

Our consultants grasp the communication challenges prevalent in the retail and consumer goods industry. Alternative Solutions is dedicated to accelerating growth and driving productivity by leveraging Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud. Our approach aims to optimize to help clients with their customer planning and forecasting, enhance trade promotion effectiveness, and unlock perfect retail execution. This strategy not only addresses communication gaps but also elevates customer satisfaction, enabling retailers to concentrate on delivering an exceptional consumer experience.

1. Optimize Each Store Visit

With Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud, field reps can utilize a mobile app featuring customizable inventory templates. This enables them to check return orders, plan new inventory, submit surveys, and ensure each store receives the precise products they need. Consumer Goods Cloud enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your field representatives in terms of delivery times and product placement.

2. Improve Planning For Each Store

Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud out-of-the-box functionality, implemented by Alt-Solut, will assist field reps in planning their daily route. By understanding every store’s individual needs, they can leverage Consumer Goods Cloud’s in-app map functionality to edit their path more efficiently. This will save your field rep’s time and help them cover more territory.

3. Easily Capture Orders And Data

Field reps can utilize the mobile app to process new orders and gather essential product data, including inventory quantity and pricing. Alt-Solut creates customized checklists for each field rep, ensuring precise data collection to save time and maximize the efficiency of each trip.

4. AI Optimization

The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud integrates seamlessly with Einstein Vision software, enabling the scalable use of artificial intelligence in your business. When a field rep captures a picture of the merchandising shelf, the Salesforce Einstein Vision tool can assess the planogram placement, verify inventory accuracy, and identify opportunities for optimizing shelf space. Your field reps can dedicate more time to building customer relationships and less time on manual counting.