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CRM for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Optimizing Your Sales Process with a Custom CRM

The Customer Relationship Management Tool for the Healthcare Industry

CRM gives healthcare providers, medical device & pharmaceutical sales reps the tools they need to create personal relationships with their customers and clients. A CRM platform also offers the healthcare and life sciences industry the ability to use data and analytics to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing environment.

With a custom CRM, healthcare companies large and small can create systems to communicate with each client and customer individually. With that level of detail, we can also develop analytical and automated systems to ease your workload and continuously learn from your customers.

Our team at Alternative Solutions has the industry expertise and experience to assist healthcare & life sciences in implementing, integrating, and maintaining your Salesforce systems. Contact us today to learn how to build you a custom customer relationship management tool on the Salesforce platform.

Benefits of CRM in the
Healthcare & Life Sciences Industries

A CRM Health Cloud is a unique CRM system specifically designed for the healthcare and life science industries. It gives you the ability to create personalized engagements that lead to better overall patient experiences. With the Health Cloud, you can acquire, support, and engage patients throughout their health journey with a streamlined engagement platform that connects people, data, and processes. It also gives your team the ability to achieve commercial excellence by connecting sales, business operations, and patient services teams with critical data and actionable insights.

Your medical device sales reps are regularly meeting with new health professionals in the healthcare industry and promoting your products. As their book of business grows more extensive, they need a system to manage those relationships, respond quickly to questions, and follow up automatically with potential customers. A custom CRM will allow your sales reps to work smarter, not harder, and make their sales journey more efficient.

Similar to medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales is also a relationship-heavy sales process. To build those relationships at scale, you need a technical system to track every conversation, request, question, and sale. With CRM, you can follow up automatically, track your sales per healthcare professional, and offer custom discounts and solutions.

CPQ stands for “Configure, Price, Quote.” It’s a new salesforce application that allows users to quickly create custom pricing solutions and edit them in real time. The primary benefit of CPQ is how quickly you can create custom quotes. By saving time developing the quote, your sales reps are able to send more quotes, more often. With more quotes in the hands of your customers, you’re able to close more business and increase your overall revenue. Using Salesforce CPQ in the healthcare industry helps in sales solutions that involve more complex pricing structures. Your medical device or pharmecuetical sales reps will be able to send more complicated quotes more quickly, helping them close more sales.

Create quality solutions with our CRM CPQ Training hubs in four major cities:

CRM CPQ Nashville, TN

CRM CPQ Atlanta, GA

CRM CPQ Chicago, IL

CRM CPQ Cincinnati, OH

Humana - Healthcare Industry CRM Case Study

Using CRM to serve its employees and partners.

Humana was struggling to service over 55,0000 of its business partners and employees. They needed a better solution to support their healthcare members through processing their internal Business Service Requests (BSRs). Humana saw that solution through Salesforce and Alternative Solutions.

We at Alternative Solutions redesigned their security model to flexibly scale their production environment. We also implemented a consistent user experience across the various user types. We also implemented real-time data visualizations used by Humana management to monitor critical KPI’s and identify areas for improvements to the process/

The Salesforce tools we used to implement the changes were the Care Center 360™ Service Cloud for Case Management and the Partner Community. We also used the Informatica® Cloud Integration to implement data management. Here at Alternative Solutions, we create custom products to solve your business’s specific problems.

Salesforce Health Cloud® by Salesforce allows healthcare companies to take personalized service to a new level! Alternative Solutions understands that healthcare companies must protect customers’ data while complying with dozens of federal regulations. The Salesforce tool is completely HIPPA compliant and is able to protect your data and privacy. Every healthcare and life sciences company is unique. Alternative Solutions can assist with configuring an interface that meets each healthcare company’s needs.

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