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CRM for the Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Industries

Optimizing Your Logistics Process with a Custom CRM

The Customer Relationship Management Tool for the Logistics Industry

The transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries are going through an era of disruption. Customers want their goods moved faster, more safely, and, with the rise of digitization, want to know exactly where their shipment is at any point in time. This level of technology has created competitors who can meet those customer expectations and deliver on those promises.

To be able to compete and even thrive in this new environment, businesses in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries need to transform their processes along with their technology. We at Alternative Solutions have found that building out business processes in the CRM has allowed our clients to communicate with their customers better, improve our clients’ digital infrastructure, and be able to track loads more effectively.

The CRM gives our clients the ability to track their customer’s experience from the initial quote to the delivery fulfillment. They are able to connect sales, service, marketing, and customer experience all in one platform. It is truly the technology that can drive innovation across entire industries.

CRM functionality used to
streamline the logistics process

The primary function of CRM is perfect for any company in the logistics industry. It provides one solution for your sales team to reach out, build a relationship, track the sales process, and sign on more clients. Companies can integrate legacy systems and data to provide real-time visibility into the sales pipeline with actionable results and forecasting based on reported trends. Alternative Solutions and our CRM consultants will help you design a customer relationship management system to bring on new clients.

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With the CRM, you can utilize rich data that can track your shipments in real time. It will transform operational efficiency, optimize the flow of goods, minimize delays, or balance out forecasted demand peaks to maximize load factors. Your team will also be able to give your customers visibility into their shipments with live tracking dashboards and automated order status notifications. With the CRM, you have the ability to create custom internal and external dashboards that you can share with others. These dashboards give your team the ability to track and measure custom KPIs which can provide your team with important insights on how to improve your overall business. By utilizing CRM, your team will be able to seamlessly manage ongoing deliveries and subscriptions.

CRM is designed to improve your customer experience. It is built so your team will be able to diagnose problems and manage them before they disrupt the transportation process. By being able to handle deliveries quickly and easily, your team is building trust with your customer. Each sales team member will have access to every data point of each customer, thereby decreasing the time it takes for them to pull up individual information. This also allows them to increase their overall productivity by automating their communications and increasing the number of customers they can work with. Our CRM experts can help your team bring on new long-term customers and deliver amazing customer service.

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CRM CPQ gives your team the ability to automate the creation, approval, and delivery of your contracts, along with your customers’ approval processes, to provide a fast and auditable contract management process. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote, and it gives your sales team the ability to manage complex pricing tariffs and update your pricing and packages easily. It is designed so your team can send contracts more quickly, something that is proven to increase conversion rates.

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Bridgestone - Logistics Industry CRM Case Study

Tires are just the beginning!

Bridgestone was searching for a way to automate case management and capture eligible program customers along with the customer’s exact geographic location. This would help them provide roadside assistance in a timely manner because they could quickly contact the appropriate registered service provider. The client looked to and Alternative Solutions to provide a solution.

We implemented an agent console to allow the customer support agent to manage multiple intake channels such as email, phone, and text. We developed a database to equip the agency with the knowledge and a method to quickly solve common issues. We built a mapping tool in Salesforce to geolocate customers in order to find and deploy assistance in a timely manner. We also created an algorithm to rank and score vendors that provided service to clients in a pre-defined manner.

Bridgestone saw significant improvements in their internal support processes, ensuring new business and extending existing contracts. They also saw a significant improvement in customer service agent response time. By utilizing the Salesforce platform, they are now able to track customer communication and use that data to make high level business decisions. Every business is different, but they all can benefit from real-time data. Alternative Solutions can assist your logistics team to design a CRM solution that works with your business.

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