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The Customer Relationship Tool for the Retail Industry.

Optimizing Your Sales Process With A Custom CRM

The Customer Relationship Tool for the Retail Industry.

Retail Execution, the act of getting the right products in the right stores at the right time, is critical to the success of the consumer packaged goods industry. CPG sales still happen primarily in physical stores, and those stores rely on field service reps to make sure the product is stocked and presented correctly. Those field service reps still use written notes and outdated systems. With those old systems, error and incorrect information is common. The field service reps rely on these obsolete systems to plan their daily route, communicate product purchase information, and track sales trends. That means that the retail system as a whole for many of these companies is using incorrect and often erroneous information.

Salesforce has created the perfect CRM for consumer packaged goods companies. CRMs can be customized to each business’s specific needs. It gives your business the ability to track each piece of data, create dashboards, automate messages, and genuinely understand the key performance indicators. With Salesforce, you can take your marketing, planogram, inventory management, and customer relationships to the next level.

Introducing CRM for
Retail and Consumer Goods Industries.

With CRM, field reps can access a mobile app that includes customizable inventory templates. They can check return orders, plan new inventory, submit surveys, and confirm each store is getting the exact product they need. The Salesforce CRM makes your field representative more efficient and more accurate with their delivery times and product placement.

A custom CRM will help field reps plan their daily route. By understanding every store’s individual needs, they can utilize CRM’s in-app map functionality to edit their path more efficiently. It will save your field rep’s time and help them cover more territory.

Field reps can use the mobile app to process new orders, collect important product data like inventory quantity and pricing. With CRM, we can create custom checklists for each field rep to complete to ensure accurate data collection.

The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud ties into their Einstein Vision software to use artificial intelligence at scale in your business. The field rep can take a picture of the merchandising shelf and the Salesforce Einstien Vision tool can tell them if the planogram is placed correctly, if the inventory is accurate, and if there is an opportunity to optimize the shelf space. With Salesforce, your field reps can spend less time counting and more time building a relationship with the customer.

Camping World - Retail CRM Case Study

Connecting with customers through multi-channel communications

Camping is a nationwide recreational goods retailer with over 130 locations. They approached us to build a customized Salesforce solution to improve their customer communication experience. They wanted their sales staff to communicate directly with their customers with emails, texts, and calls through the Salesforce platform.

Our experiences Salesforce experts here at Alternative Solutions knew the best way to achieve that goal. We chose to integrate a robust cloud communications platform called Twilio to extend the native functionality of Salesforce. With Twilio, we automatically gave each customer a hidden local phone number to call and get directly in contact with Camping World’s support staff. We were also able to track each customer interaction and build data points and trends that will help us improve the customer experience in the future.

Camping World saw massive improvements in its customer relationship management system through the integration of Salesforce and Twilio. Improving their customer touchpoints also enhances the overall brand to an ever-growing customer base. By utilizing the Salesforce platform, they can now track customer communication and use that data to make high-level business decisions. Alternative Solutions can assist your retail & consumer packaged goods team to design a CRM solution that works with your business.

Camping World Salesforce - Alternative Solutions Consulting