Have you ever determined how you can better track customer issues and requests? Between emails and phones calls to multiple people, what customers are looking for can easily get lost in the translation. With the use of Salesforce Case Management and Communities, businesses are able to provide a structured one stop shop for all customer complaint engagements. 

For a large client recently, Alternative Solutions successfully implemented a case management system that allows customers and internal users the ability to log/open a Case using a Community Portal. The Community allows flexibility so we could customize the portal to meet the client’s needs. The user launches the Community and is provided a list of questions and possible answers. The user continues through a guided workflow process and at the end, once the inquiry is submitted, it is converted into a Case within Salesforce.

 Using Case Management, our client is able to track all customer inquires without having to flip between multiple resources. By looking at the subject and contents, Case Assignment Rules ensure the case is sent to the correct team. Also looking at the contents of the case, Escalation Rules automatically set a priority for when the inquiry needs to be resolved, and if there’s not a response or any activity within that timeframe the associated resources will be notified via email.

 Contact us today at info@alt-solut.com to find out how we can make your customer service processes seamless using Case Management and Communities in Salesforce!

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