Building a Forecasting Engine for a Global Steel Manufacturer

In the steel industry, it’s all about “Filling the Mill”. Steel manufactures need a reliable way to identify customer demands for steel so its steel mills can be properly scheduled and staffed. Failure to do this effectively can cost the company greatly in furnace operating costs and poorer production yields…

The Objective

Evraz’s US and Canadian reach, as well as their diverse range of manufacturing capabilities, require their facilities to be able to respond quickly in the market for maximum efficiency and cost savings. As a result, Alternative Solutions was brought in to customize Evraz’s new undertaking of This CRM implementation’s main objective was to design a strategy that would replicate Evraz’s current business strategies including: quoting, price management, allocation management, territory management, and forecasting.

What are the Deliverables

The deliverables of Evraz’s initial implementation of included the following:

1.) Modifications to current out of the box object structures and the design and customization of supporting business processes

2.)  Changes to APEX automation  including triggers and classes

3.) Assistance with advanced reporting and specialized dashboard creation

4.) Data integration with Evraz’s SAA Data warehouse

5.)  User and administrator hands on training

What are the Benefits:

The main benefit of Evraz’s implementation of is that this integrated solution allowed Evraz’s employees and management team the ability to work more efficiently, increasing the value of each part of the customer life cycle.

Salesforce enabled Evraz to be able to easily assess their data in one convenient application, which ultimately resulted in improved response time, increased productivity, and the ability to forecast their operating and production costs in a more accurate and consistent manner.

Services Utilized:

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