Customer Success

The Objective

Struggling to service its over 55,000 Humana business partners and employees, the company needed a better solution for guiding the creation and processing of Business Service Requests (BSRs) necessary for Humana to support its healthcare members.  Humana looked to and Alternative Solutions to provide a solution.

Products Implemented

  • Care Center 360™ Service Cloud for Case Management
  • Partner Community (58,000 community users)
  • Informatica® Cloud Integration







The Deliverables

  • Re-designed security model (profiles, permission sets, role hierarchy, SSO) to allow flexible scalability in their environment
  • Implemented consistent user experience across the various user types
  • Implemented real time data visualizations used by Humana management to monitor critical KPI’s and identify areas for improvements to the process

The Benefits

  1. Significant improvements on Humana’s internal support processes, thus eliminating timely mistakes in customer requests
  2. Customizable dashboards provided real-time insight into the current state of active BSR’s at any stage of the process.

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