Revolutionizing Retail Operations: A Deep Dive into Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud

Territory Management and Visits: Organizations can optimize field resources and balance workloads using territory management and visit planning. This ensures sales reps cover the right areas and maximize their time and effort.

Route Planning and Optimization: Field representatives can utilize Salesforce Maps to plan optimized routes for their visits, considering factors such as customer priority, traffic conditions, and travel distances. This saves time, reduces fuel costs, and increases the number of customer visits.

Consumer Goods Cloud also offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, providing actionable insights into field performance, compliance, and sales trends. Real-time data empowers companies to identify areas for improvement, optimize execution strategies, and drive sales growth.

One notable success story involved a South American pharmaceutical company seeking a comprehensive solution to manage their extensive list of retail accounts. They specialize in importing, distributing, and marketing medicines, medical products, and food supplements globally. Their requirements included tracking in-store agreements, inventory, planograms, asset placement, and product placement. Additionally, they aimed to enhance their sales team’s in-store visit planning using Salesforce Maps.

The highlight of the project was the configuration of retail execution, enabling the display of a territory map with scheduled visits for sales reps. Clicking on a visit provided a list of tasks to be completed, either through a predefined set of tasks or a custom action plan created by the sales manager. For the customer’s specific needs, we developed custom tasks using code, including store agreement compliance, asset condition checks, and accurate asset counts within the store.

Consumer Goods Cloud requires significant administrative setup to ensure optimal functionality for end users. As a new product from Salesforce, it is important to acknowledge that there may be documentation issues. Consequently, certain fields necessary for data entry were not mentioned in the implementation or developer documentation, yet they were still required. Our client’s success with Consumer Goods Cloud led to their selection as a featured success story by Salesforce.

Under the umbrella of Retail Execution, Consumer Goods Cloud empowers companies to optimize retail operations with features like mobile data collection for real-time insights, streamlined task management, and field optimization. Field Execution enhances field operations, boosts productivity, and increases customer engagement with territory management, optimized route planning, and robust analytics capabilities.

The success story of a South American pharmaceutical company highlights the effectiveness of Consumer Goods Cloud in managing extensive retail accounts, tracking agreements, inventory, and optimizing in-store visits. The customizability of the platform allowed for tailored tasks and comprehensive data management.

While Consumer Goods Cloud requires initial setup and documentation improvements, its impact on businesses has been significant. With its transformative capabilities, the platform has the potential to drive sales growth, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences in the consumer goods industry.

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