With the endless ways companies and their users can configure Salesforce, Alternative Solutions is called in to help those clients simplify their basic security model and ensure its maintainable for the long haul. We see many of the same problems: users can’t access the data they need, other applications are using Salesforce and too many users are seeing data they shouldn’t see, and managers can’t easily access the data and results from their respective teams.

 Alternative Solutions helps resolve these issues and more, by simplifying security models. With the proper use of Profiles, Roles, Role Hierarchy, Permission Sets, and Sharing Rules, companies can steer clear of these potential security and access issues, while still ensuring the configuration is easily maintainable for multiple applications.

 To start, best practice is to ensure Profiles in Salesforce are setup as basic as possible. All users setup in Salesforce can only have ONE Profile, so it’s essential to give the users access to fields and applications through Permission Sets. User records can have multiple Permission Sets assignments, all being cumulative; therefore, the control over applications and fields everyone in the organization accesses can be seamless and resolved by assigning or removing Permission Sets with a click of a button.

 Additionally, as users are set up with Roles, data visibility between teams can be controlled through the Role Hierarchy. For example, Manager A has five team members reporting to them in a Role Hierarchy – all of the data accessible and being reported on by those five members can be accessed by their one common manager through the Hierarchy. When records need to be shared via Read Only with different team members, simply setup a Sharing Rule and data can be shared across multiple roles and hierarchies within the organization.

 By guiding clients through these steps to simplifying their Salesforce Security Model, Alternative Solutions has resolved the headache many people in the industry are facing today. For more information or help to simplify your Salesforce organization, contact info@alt-solut.com!

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