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Salesforce Consulting

Alternative Solutions provides Salesforce business consulting, custom Salesforce integrations, and data solution architecting for major organizations worldwide. At Alternative, our associates are committed to YOUR business. Our primary areas of expertise are Salesforce platforms, including strategic planning and business process redesign. We excel in all variations and sizes of Salesforce implementations

Increase Revenue

By customizing your Salesforce process, you can effectively optimize your sales strategies, streamline operations, and ultimately drive increased revenue for your business.

Better Time Management

Customizing your Salesforce process will improve time management, allowing your team to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on high-priority tasks, therefore increasing productivity.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Customizing your Salesforce processes will result in greater customer satisfaction, as the personalized approach will empower you to better address individual customer needs and foster stronger relationships.

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Salesforce Certified Experts

At Alternative Solutions, we are the experts at all things Salesforce. We offer a wide variety of Salesforce Business Consulting services for companies nationwide. Whether it’s a Salesforce Quickstart, or major applications such as custom Salesforce integrations. Alternative Solutions is equipped to tackle any Salesforce consulting or Salesforce project management at hand.


Salesforce Quick Start


Our certified experts follow consistent methodology when implementing Salesforce Quick Start. Have your Salesforce platform up and running in less than two weeks with all of the lead qualification and sales processes set up for you and your team. We also offer hands on training to ensure that your team is set up for success with Salesforce. 


Customer 360

With Customer 360, teams get a shared view of every customer, so everyone can work together more efficiently on customer’s behalf. The end result will be happier customers, greater team productivity, and bigger cost savings. At the end of the day, this will help your business grow faster.


Salesforce Pardot 

Salesforce Pardot is a comprehensive marketing automation solution that is well-suited for both businesses and enterprises. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud, one of the top CRM software platforms available, to help businesses effectively organize, analyze, automate, and measure the impact of their sales and marketing campaigns. With Pardot, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts and achieve better results, while leveraging the power of Sales Cloud to drive revenue growth and customer engagement.

E*TRADE Case Study

Increasing customer experience by empowering the E*TRADE team with data

E*TRADE asked us to guide the organization with the continued adoption of by the Trading, Margin, Lending, and Cash Management business unit for analyzing customer feedback. Our goal was to increase data integrity and implement a business intelligence tool for unique business units.

We created a common dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs) that was designed to measure customer responsiveness to E*TRADE products. This enhanced the communication of data throughout the E*TRADE business units, which improved the ability to respond to their customers correctly. The dashboard allowed E*TRADE the ability to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Financial Services Cloud® allows financial institutions to take personalized service to a new level! Alternative Solutions understands that financial service companies must protect customers’ data while complying with a myriad of federal regulations. FSC provides agents with clear visibility of relationships within households and the ability to track an individual’s financial goals without compromising data security or client privacy. Every financial service company is unique. Alternative Solutions can assist with configuring an interface that meets each individual financial company’s needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud for Finance Industries by Alternative Solutions in Nashville, TN