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Every organization with a sales team understands the need to close deals quickly and accurately. However, providing precise pricing often gets lost in complicated manual processes or cumbersome approvals. This is a common scenario across a variety of industries and organizations. Companies want a fast sales cycle, but they often forget the effort it takes a sales team to actually close a deal.  

Enter Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool designed to help companies generate detailed quotes. If you aren’t familiar with the acronym, CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote. CPQ enables the centralization and automation of complex pricing and business rules in real-time. This process equips sales teams with everything they need to close sales. 

Salesforce CPQ features solutions for problems that many companies face today around products, pricing, and quoting. The following is a short list of the capabilities Salesforce CPQ offers:   

  • Product customization
  • Advanced pricing rules
  • Exceptional approval tracking
  • Customizable quote templates
  • In-app guidance to prompt users to review products before continuing 

A Sales Rep’s Best Friend

With a solid understanding of the customer’s needs, Salesforce CPQ can assist sales reps with providing accurate quotes to prospective clients by narrowing options to the most applicable product for the customer. It enables the user to create quotes with consistency and clarity. Advanced rules can be set to handle volume discounts or channel and partner pricing. When the deal is ready to be closed, manual quote creation is easy; it only takes a few clicks to create the template and send it via email. This entire process can be completed in minutes, all the while saving your sales team valuable time.   

Salesforce CPQ is a great solution to increase revenue and sales productivity. If you have a complete understanding of your sales processes and have noticed issues with products, prices, and quotes, you may need to consider trying something new. Let us help you determine if Salesforce CPQ is the right solution for you.

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