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Since 1998, Salesforce has not only created a world-class CRM, but they’ve built a huge community of salesforce professionals. These professionals range from developers of the platform, business analysts, technical architects, marketing managers, sales managers, and salesforce administrators. As the ecosystem has developed and grown over the past 20 years, they’ve needed to organize events where Salesforce users can meet in person, share ideas, and learn how to use the platform more effectively.

These events range in size, from smaller regional events to international events that span the length of an entire city. There are also salesforce events focused on beginners of the platform to Salesforce experts. Continue reading and we’ll lead into all the best Salesforce events for 2020.




November 9th – November 12th

San Francisco, CA

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s iconic yearly conference. In 2019, it boasted 2,700 sessions across the 4-day conference, so there was always something for everyone. They also host a music festival within the conference called Dreamfest which has had bands like Metallica, U2, and Red Hot Chili Peppers perform. 

It’s located in San Francisco, home of Salesforce’s headquarters and had over 170,000 attendees last year! It’s such a large conference it is held across multiple facilities and different areas of the city. They proudly utilize this gathering of like-minded people to organize huge volunteering events along with training events.

On a typical day during Dreamforce, you can expect to hear a keynote presentation, announcements on new features, volunteer for a national non-profit, and grab dinner and cocktails at a networking event. The event is so massive, Salesforce prepares for it all year, and even produces a web series called, “the road to Dreamforce,” which helps prepare attendees for the conference. If you can’t attend Dreamforce, we highly suggest tuning into the event through Salesforce Live!

Salesforce TrailheaDX



June 9-10th

San Francisco, CA

If you are looking for a conference to expand your salesforce development, admin, or architect knowledge, TrailheaDX is for you. It’s an international development conference focused on the technical side of Salesforce. Consider it a smaller, more focused Dreamforce with more opportunities for hands-on experience.

TrailheaDX is located in San Francisco, where the headquarters of Salesforce is, but is joined by people from all over the world. It also has a three-day post-conference bootcamp where you can immerse yourself into a deep-dive of Salesforce. There are also two opportunities for salesforce certifications which adds just the right touch to your resume.

Cactus Force


January 17th-18th

Phoenix, AZ

Cactusforce is a community-led conference located in Phoenix Arizona. It’s more regionally focused, but has attendees from across the United States. As a salesforce event, it is geared to more advanced users of the platform, developers, and architects. Beginner salesforce users are encouraged to come and have the opportunity to accelerate their growth.

The conference is broken into three tracks, the developer track, the architect track, and the configurator track. Over the two days, attendees will be able to get a hands-on learning experience in their chosen field. The conference program is highly interactive and progressive, each session leading into a more advanced topic, product, or feature.




February 26-28th

Salt Lake City, UT

Snowforce is a yearly Salesforce focused conference that combines one day of seminars and small group discussions with another day full of skiing! What better way to get to know fellow salesforce enthusiasts than chatting on a ski lift or winding down at the lodge!

The conference is located outside of Salt Lake City right outside of world renown ski slopes at Solitude Mountain Ski Resort. The sessions include: How to Drive Rapid Business Value Through Artificial Intelligence & Einstein Bots to the Rescue! If you can convince your boss to foot the bill for any conference this year, we highly suggest one which includes a ski trip!

Regional Specific Salesforce Conferences & Events

Salesforce has developed an international community, but not everyone can attend the major events. Smaller more regional communities have started hosting their own events to boost the knowledge and network in their respective locations. Below we’ll expand on a few regional salesforce events in North America and the exciting things happening at them!

Southeast Dreamin’



March 26th-27th

Atlanta, GA

Set in the tech hub of the southeast, Atlanta Ga. Southeast Dreamin’ is a community lead Salesforce conference. It’s produced by salesforce users for salesforce users. It gives Salesforce users in the southeast the opportunity to meet one another and expand their knowledge of the salesforce platform.

At southeast dreamin’, you can expect 20 community lead breakout sessions and hands-on-training in Salesforce. There is also a keynote presentation that has been given by some notable speakers. In 2019 and 2018, Warren Wick, EVP of Salesforce spoke and presented their keynote.

Midwest Dreamin’


July 22-24

Minneapolis, MN

Located in Minneapolis, Midwest Dreamin’ is another community lead salesforce conference. It brings everyone from the bread belt together to discuss all things Salesforce! It is set during the summer when the city is alive and full of entertainment!

Midwest Dreamin’ for 2020 has 5 major keynote speakers, Peter Coffee, Sean Alpert, Kris Lande, Zayne Turner, Kristen Englehardt. They will cover topics like Great Marketing Matters, Think Like An Architect, and Trailblazing Your Way To Your #DreamJob.

Northeast Dreamin’


September 14-15

Providence, RI

Northeast Dreamin’ is a community-produced Salesforce conference for users located in the northeastern United States. It’s located in Providence, Rhode Island at the end of the summer. If you catch it at the right time, you’ll still be able to enjoy the pleasant northeastern coastal summer!

Northeast Dreamin’ is a two-day conference with two opening keynotes and a closing keynote at the end. In 2019, they had Phil Komarny, Erica Kuhl, and Peter Coffee speak on ideas like Education Transformation Through Trust Networks, and Appropriate Intelligence

True North Dreamin’



April 23-24, 2020

Vancouver, BC Canada

While we’ve covered a few Dreamin’ events across the United States, True North Dreamin’ is Canada’s first community lead Dreamin’ event and rotates between major Canadian cities every year. This year it’s hosted in Vancouver, BC on the beautiful west coast of Canada!

The sessions for 2020 haven’t been designated yet, but in 2019 you could have heard: Advanced Reporting Tips and Tricks for New Admins & why Lighting Migration Must be a Priority. Since it’s hosted in Vancouver, the community will be encouraged to explore the city and immerse themselves in the local culture. This is only the second year of True North Dreamin’, but we are excited to see this Canada specific community grow and learn from each other!

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