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Salesforce is set up to automate your sales process. One easy and quick way to do that is to set up email templates to use in your sales workflows. With those templates, you can set up an automated email response for whenever a new lead enters your pipeline. You can also set up automated emails to keep potential customers engaged while your sales reps build relationships with your customers.

There are four different types of email templates, each with their unique purpose.

  • Text
    • Text emails are very basic and can look like regular emails you see in your inbox every day. All users on your salesforce instance can create text email templates.
  • HTML (using Letterhead)
    • HTML emails using a letterhead are made to look more professional. They can be created by your administrators and users with the permission for “edit HTML Templates.”
  • Custom HTML
    • These are very visually dynamic templates. They can be created using an HTML file that you insert into your email template. Again, your administrators and users with “Edit HTML Templates” permission can edit these automated messages.
  • Visualforce
    • Visualforce email templates can be created by your administrator and developers. These are designed to include dynamic information from merging the recipient’s data into the template. Use this email template to create completely customized responses to each potential customer.

Each type of email template can include text, merge fields that pull in personalized account information, and the ability to attach files. If you’re interested in learning more about automated email templates, please contact us here.

Dynamic FormsHow to Create An Email Template

  1. Go to Setup > communication Templates | Email Templates
    1. You can also go to Setup > Email | My Templates
  2. Select “New Template”
  3. Choose the Type of Email You Want To Create
    1. This could be a either a text-only email, an HTML email, or visual force email. 
  4. Specify a template name and layout
  5. Check the “Available for Use Field.”
  6. Write out the body of your email or insert your desired HTML code
  7. Click to save it to a folder.

Once it’s saved, you can use it in any new email you create. Use your email template when creating a drip email sequence to a new list. This will help it have brand consistency and make creating that series of emails quicker and easier.

Automated Email Drip Campaign Example

The goal is to connect and share information with your potential customers in an authentic way. Email allows you to create a personalized and scalable experience for each customer in your account. If you’re new to creating email templates and automated drip campaigns, you should try creating a welcome email series using an email template. Automated email campaigns are a key component to the Salesforce Service Cloud, which helps your organization connect and build relationships with your customers. 

  1. Welcome Email
    1. Use an email template with a letterhead that simply welcomes your new lead whenever they subscribe to your email list or download a whitepaper.
  2. Give More Information about product/service
    1. Use that same email template with a letterhead, but this time include a helpful piece of information. It could be a resource article or a different whitepaper. The idea is that you are the expert on your product or service and are trying to teach your potential consumer
  3. Link to Overview of Brand and Company Culture
    1. Again, you can use the same saved email template with a letterhead, but this time the content can include more information about your company. You’re trying to build a relationship with your potential customer. By parting the veil on how your internal company operates and the mission of your organization, you’re showing vulnerability and honesty. 
  4. Send A “meet a Sales Team Member” Email
    1. With Dynamic content in an email campaign, you can send one that gives an overview of your customer’s potential sales team member. This will help “humanize” your emails and build a deeper connection with your customers.

Dynamic FormsEvery drip campaign is different, but with Salesforce you can create a completely customized and personalized series of emails. If you’re curious about learning more about creating emails in Salesforce, please contact us. Here at Alternative Solutions, we are a team of certified Salesforce experts and have years of experience with the software. We have helped dozens of organizations optimize their organization with the Salesforce platform. Get in contact with us today!

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