Customer Care Solutions

The most effective way to drive customer loyalty is to proactively identify dissatisfaction, immediately contact those people and correct the issue for them. Companies rely on customer feedback to understand how well they meet customers’ expectations. But often, the feedback data they collect is too dated, too fuzzy or from too small a sample to effect change. To make matters worse, companies have a hard time combining feedback from diverse sources including emails, phone calls, and online surveys. In other words, using feedback most effectively requires meaningful, timely information that spans all touch points, and that’s clear enough to be acted upon.

Customer Case Management

Our Salesforce® Certified Consultants can help your company implement case management solutions, which can drive customer satisfaction through various attractive features like Service Cloud Console, Salesforce Knowledge, Live Agent, Call Center Management, and CTI Implementation.


Customer or Partner Community helps customers help themselves and each other. By creating a rich self-service experience service agents can focus on better supporting the customer.  Alternative Solutions provides a comprehensive set of services that enable companies to design, deploy, enhance, grow and support their online social communities connecting customers, channel partners with their internal employees.

Knowledge Base Solutions

Organizations that adopt a knowledge based approach to customer service can realize benefits that include:

  • Improved efficiency: Enforcing a knowledge base program with easy to use processes drives employee behavior to support and use the knowledge base database.
  • Improved content quality and consistency: Focusing on improving the knowledge base quality will improve the content quality and information across multiple service channels.
  • Reduced resources and costs: A knowledge base can help customers resolve issues using self-service methods, which leads to reduced call and email volume.

Alternative Solutions and our team of certified consultants follow a consistent methodology when implementing Salesforce Knowledge and case management solutions which includes:

01. Knowledge Base Structuring

When the knowledge base content is organized well, it improves usability and end-user adoption. We structure the knowledge base to provide ease of use and navigation to end users by:

  • Define categories and subcategories that reflect the problem categories in the help desk.
  • Establish templates to provide uniform content across the knowledge base.

02. Knowledge Base Article Approval Process Definition

We will work with the client’s stakeholders to define appropriate processes where Knowledge experts can review, validate, and approve articles for publication. The Implementation of article approval processes provides an additional control over the content and publication of KB articles.

03. Knowledge Base Search Enhancements

An enhanced search capability makes it easy for end users and technicians to use the knowledge base better. They will get to relevant solutions quickly and this will significantly reduce resolution times. As part of the KB implementation, Alternative Solutions will enhance the search capability of the KB by:

  • Tagging articles with appropriate keywords
  • Providing clear and problem-specific topics to the articles

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