Industry Specific Solutions


Our consultants understand the communication challenges healthcare providers face.  With a focus on building stronger relationships between caregivers and patients, Alternative Solutions leverages Salesforce cloud products to close the communication gap and increase customer satisfaction while allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Popular Salesforce® products used to optimize communication and patient care:


Health Cloud®

Caregivers can utilize Salesforce Health Cloud to keep all patient data at their fingertips. Optimized for use on Lightning Experience, Health Cloud provides a detailed user interface with insight into a patient’s timeline of care and collaborative activity tracking all while complying with HIPPA regulations.

Community Cloud®

The community portal can be customized to fit the client’s branding. Collaboration within the community portal provides a quick and easy way for patients to find answers and log an issue directly to the healthcare provider.

Service Cloud®

Case Management provides an organized tracking system that allows the healthcare provider the ability to resolve issues quicker and provide better customer service. Using Case Management, patients can log issues with the healthcare provider’s customer care team.


Manufacturing companies need a reliable way to identify customer demands to improve response time, increase productivity and to forecast their operating and production costs in a more accurate and consistent manner.  Our consultants’ deep understanding of core manufacturing methodologies allows us to examine a company’s business processes and translate those to robust solutions within Salesforce.

Salesforce functionality used to streamline the manufacturing process:


Sales Cloud®

One of the core requirements for any company is the ability to attract and service its customers. The versatility of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud product fits the needs of many industries. This powerful solution helps companies grow their customer base, identify and close more deals all while accelerating overall productivity. Manufacturing companies can integrate legacy systems and data to provide real-time visibility into the sales pipeline with actionable results and forecasting based on reported trends. Eliminate bottlenecks by automating workflow approval requests. Boost deal size through cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash®

Spend more time selling by shortening the quote-to-cash timeline by automating with Salesforce Quote-to-Cash. Provide product visibility across all levels of the organizations. Strengthen brand and product loyalty by ensuring consistent, accurate pricing and product configurations. Deliver accurate pricing at the highest possible margin each time. Maximize margins with margin-based discounting thresholds.

Quote Creation

Salesforce Quote to Cash simplifies the quoting process with an easy to use interface that allows the user to build accurate customer focussed quotes. With this level of visibility, out of date pricing is a thing of the past. Incorporating the powerful approval process built into Salesforce, companies can shorten the time it takes to close opportunities. Sales reps can concentrate on selling more instead of spending time researching, building and tracking quotes.

Contract Generation

Upon approval of the quote, the time it takes to place the contract in front of a customer can make the difference in making the sale or not. With fully customizable proposal and contract templates, companies can provide branded documents to the customer with a simple click of a button. Third party e-signature applications can be easily integrated to speed the process even more.

Financial Services

Financial Services Cloud® by Salesforce allows financial institutions to take personalized service to a new level.  Alternative Solutions understands that financial service companies must protect customers’ data while complying with a myriad of regulations. FSC provides agents clear visibility of relationships within households and the ability to track an individual’s personal financial goals without compromising data security or client privacy.  Every financial service company is unique, because of this Alternative Solutions can assist with configuring an interface that meets each individual financial company’s needs.

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