Delivering Connected Customer Experiences With Salesforce Customer 360

At Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce unveiled Customer 360 – the new platform capability that makes Service, Marketing and Commerce work together more seamlessly, based on a complete understanding of the customer. This is the second in a series of blog posts from the Salesforce Customer 360 team; read  Read more

What Research Tells Us About Technology and the Future of Work

Every day, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to meet and be inspired by incredible individuals who have transformed their careers — and their entire lives — by learning new skills and taking advantage of new technology. And as I watch the number of Trailhead learners increase on a daily basis, I  Read more

Retailers Rank Salesforce Number One in New Software Evaluation

We are thrilled to share the news that Salesforce has been ranked number one in six categories on the annual RIS Software LeaderBoard! We are happy to be recognized by RIS News, which has been chronicling the retail technology industry for decades, but we’re even more gratified that the results  Read more

Empowering the Mobile Workforce to Deliver Proactive Service with IoT Insights for Field Service Lightning

IoT-enabled products give organizations an opportunity to take a proactive approach to customer service, and the potential is limitless. Examples include smart homes that notify service teams when an oven or air conditioning unit is about to fail, so they can fix the issue before the machine breaks;  Read more

4 Ways to Retain Sales Talent in Your Small Business

Talented salespeople have options in today’s workforce. According to a Glassdoor survey from a few years ago, two-thirds of Account Executives (AEs) said they would look for a new job in the next year, and almost half said they would start looking in the next quarter. Although the survey is a  Read more

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