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May has been the month of analytics for Alternative Solutions. Every client has encountered the same issue: how to take their data and make visualizations that are impactful for all employees and management. Common complaints we ran into included: data being too scattered, data being boring, and data showing too much information- being almost overwhelming. It seemed the perfect visual was much harder to create than anticipated.

To solve this issue, Alternative Solutions turned outside of to Tableau! For those who aren’t familiar with Tableau, Tableau is a data visualization software created by Tableau Software that easily connects to many data sources. It’s an application designed to process and analyze data in a logical, easy to follow manner. It’s incredibly user friendly, hailed for big data analysis, and processes data in a lightning fast manner!

To show our client’s how Tableau integrates with, Alternative Solutions held three weekly demos where we compared visuals made in Salesforce to visuals using the same data created in Tableau. See below for a link to our demo presentation. If you have any questions or would like a personalized demo, please contact Alternative Solutions at

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