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Providing guided selling and quoting to its sales channels

The Objective

Atkore focuses on delivering value-added solutions to the electrical raceway markets. Alternative Solutions was brought in to customize and design a quoting application that would allow Atkore to stay on top of customer demand. Atkore’s main objective was to implement an automated solution that would enable Atkore’s sales reps to eliminate redundant proposals and streamline the quote to order process.

The Deliverables

The system gave Atkore the ability to:
  • Manage the entire quoting process in one user experience (quote entries, approvals, etc.).
  • Create and synchronize sales projections in the quote with the company’s forecasting application – all based on the input from the quote.

The Benefits

With this new application, Atkore is able to have constant interaction with all quotes in every part of the sales process.