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Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud for Finance Industries

An Established CRM Tool for the Finance Industry

The Financial Services CRM gives you and your firm the ability to create a highly personalized customer experience. That makes it easier for your advisors to communicate, share information, see key data points, and, most importantly, it helps create trust with your customer.

It doesn’t matter which financial sector you are in, the Financial Services CRM will improve your business. Retail and commercial bankers will enjoy having access to the complete customer view when they need it. The insurance provider will love creating more meaningful interactions with their clients through personalized communications across all devices. The wealth manager will find that a CRM allows them to build deeper relationships with their clients.

Alternative Solutions has designed and implemented custom CRMs for multiple firms in the financial industry. Create quality solutions with our Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud training service hubs in the cities of NashvilleAtlantaChicago, Charlotte, and Cincinnati. Contact us today to learn how we can build you a custom customer relationship management tool on a CRM platform.

Banking Industry: Sales and Marketing Cloud Accomplishes:

With a CRM platform, a banker can personalize their customer relationships across multiple departments and branches. This gives each banker a high-level overview of the current relationship with each customer and the ability to tailor their specific communications to the individual level.

Each banker will have access to every data point of each customer, thereby decreasing the time it takes for them to pull up individual information. It also allows them to increase their overall productivity by automating their communications and increasing the number of customers they can work with.

With a CRM, you have the ability to create custom dashboards and share them with your entire team. These dashboards give your team the ability to track and measure custom KPIs which can give your team important insight on how to improve your overall business.

Insurance Industry: Sales and Marketing Cloud Enables Your Team to:

Your insurance agent could utilize the CRM Prospecting tool to better understand what the customer needs are before they even contact them. This improves their overall experience!

As your insurance team begins the selling process with each customer, you can map them from a prospect to a lead to a converted customer. After they are customers, you can track all of their communications!

Historically, customers change insurance companies quite often in search of the most affordable rates. If you improve their overall customer experience, however, your likelihood of securing repeat business from them will increase!

Wealth Management Industry: Sales and Marketing Cloud Establishes:

As a wealth advisor, your most important product is trust with your client. With a CRM, you can build that trust by responding quickly to and thoroughly with every situation.

Wealth management is often very unique to each client’s individual situation. With an integrated CRM, your advisors can design a product or service that’s personalized to each client.

The beauty of utilizing a CRM for your wealth management firm is that your entire team can collaborate. Every team member has access to each client’s dashboard and can respond efficiently when they need assistance.

E*TRADE - Financial Industry CRM Case Study

Increasing customer experience by empowering the E*TRADE team with data

E*TRADE asked us to guide the organization with the continued adoption of by the Trading, Margin, Lending, and Cash Management business unit for analyzing customer feedback. Our goal was to increase data integrity and implement a business intelligence tool for unique business units.

We created a common dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs) that was designed to measure customer responsiveness to E*TRADE products. This enhanced the communication of data throughout the E*TRADE business units, which improved the ability to respond to their customers correctly. The dashboard allowed E*TRADE the ability to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Financial Services Cloud® allows financial institutions to take personalized service to a new level! Alternative Solutions understands that financial service companies must protect customers’ data while complying with a myriad of federal regulations. FSC provides agents with clear visibility of relationships within households and the ability to track an individual’s financial goals without compromising data security or client privacy. Every financial service company is unique. Alternative Solutions can assist with configuring an interface that meets each individual financial company’s needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud for Finance Industries by Alternative Solutions in Nashville, TN