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Using Twilio’s self-service platform to manage customer interaction

If you manage and operate a call center, your priority is to create a great experience for your customers. Customers are most likely calling or messaging you to discuss a problem. You want your conversations with your customers to end with them happier than when they initially contacted you.

As the number of channels where customers can contact you increase and the necessity of maintaining a strong relationship with your customers grows, it can be difficult to manage those conversations at scale. To solve this, Twilio has developed a self-service call center tool to help businesses of all sizes automate their call center interactions.

Automate Your Customer Communication Channels


IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is the system that allows your customer to answer questions and be connected to the correct department in your organization. The technology has been around for a while and is now being supplemented by artificial intelligence to create a natural experience and improves the customer’s disposition. It is also very cost-effective, saving companies thousands of dollars in operational costs.

Chat Bots

As social media and text messaging have become the status quo for daily conversations, Twilio has designed an integrated and automated tool to help businesses communicate with their customers on these platforms. It integrates with SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, and other common communication tools. If you design an intentional automated communication experience with Chat Bots, you can often solve most of your customer’s problems before they call in to talk to an actual customer service representative.

Smart Devices

With Google and Alexa products becoming commonplace within most households, utilizing voice-controlled smart devices is the next frontier within the customer service industry. With Twilio, you can utilize the bots you’ve created for other messaging platforms to serve customers on Alexa and Google smart devices. It allows you to scale your automated customer service tool across more devices and create a better experience for your customers

Put it on Autopilot

The backbone of the Twilio platform is the artificial intelligence that powers the chatbots and IVR. As more customers communicate with your IVR and chatbot system, it learns how to answer their questions appropriately. It is continually pulling in information, deciphering it, understanding it, and redesigning how it communicates with future customers. If the system is set up correctly, it will drastically improve your customer experience.

Understand Your Customer’s Problems

With so many communication avenues, it can truly be difficult in today’s age to get an accurate view of your customer base. By combining all of your contact channels into one system, you gain the ability to truly track your customer experience. This provides your contact center agents and your business owners a better view of what’s happening in your organization.

Because these systems are integrated, cross-training agents is so simple it becomes a must-have. Multi-Skilled agents alleviate staffing difficulties and allow you to develop agent skill sets.  Webchat, email, and social media have robust yet simple integrations built into the product, and most major telephony solutions will integrate extremely well with the product. Many organizations do look for some consultant guidance during the telephony integration. If you’re curious about learning more about Twilio’s Customer Service platform, please contact us. We would love to help your organization save money and increase your customer experience.

Benefits of Twillio’s Self Service Tool

  • Design natural conversations: Design, build and train Task-driven conversations to automate data collection flows, question-answering, or intent-based routing. Your customers will feel like they are getting their questions answered instead of getting frustrated with a robot.
  • Launch seamlessly: Deploy as a conversational IVR on a phone number, as a chatbot on SMS, webchat, FB Messenger or Whatsapp, or as an Alexa Skill or Google Assistant Action. The entire system is integrated and allows you to publish the same experience across all of your channels.
  • Handoff to human agents: Contextually hand off to agents when necessary from programmable voice or any messaging channel to your own contact center. Some customer concerns are more important than a simple chatbot can handle. When the need arises, you can program the AI to intentionally hand the customer over to a human at your call-center or customer support department.
  • Learn from real conversations: Improve your assistant learning from real conversations and real-time analytics. The entire system is constantly pulling in data and information on your customers and their concerns. With the self-service system, you can use this data to better understand the problems they are seeing and what to improve on your product or service.

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